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Tales team doesn’t have enough staff to localize every title

Namco Tales Studio's primary goal for localizing Tales titles centers on "flagship titles" such as Tales of Xillia, series producer Hideo Baba told Siliconera.

Speaking with the publication during a recent interview, Baba explained that remakes or all-star titles are a second priority due to the size of the team.

"Because the number of development members we have on staff is very limited, it's not possible to localize every single Tales title," Baba said. "So we have to pick and choose when deciding which parts of the Tales series we would like to bring out to the rest of the world outside Japan."

Tales of Xillia, the most recent entry to cross into Western markets, launched for PlayStation 3 in August. The game's sequel, Tales of Xillia 2, is expected in North America and Europe next year.