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CCP 'thinking about' Eve: Valkyrie single-player campaign

CCP is "certainly thinking about" a full-blown single-player campaign for Eve: Valkyrie, chief marketing officer David Reid recently told Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Originally a tech demo known as Eve-VR, Valkyrie is a multiplayer, virtual reality dogfighter set within the Eve Online universe. According to Reid, however, CCP is exploring ways to make the title more than fighting "all day and all night."

"We have figured out to a certain extent where the Valkyrie ships live in the spectrum of Eve stuff," Reid said. "You know, how big Eve ships are versus how big a Valkyrie ship is versus how big a [Dust 514] mercenary is, and by extension of that where they belong in the universe and how it makes sense.

"Once you start getting into that, you start thinking about, well, Dust doesn't have a single-player component right now. But it is stuff we've teased in, stuff we've worked on. Are there exploration, resource-gathering, crafting sorts of things I could do as a solo player? Could I fight bots and drones without having to go into the deep end of player vs. player?"

Reid added that CCP is looking into a single-playing component for Valkyrie, which it considers "a good opportunity."

Eve: Valkyrie is currently set for launch in 2014. Check out our interview with executive producer Owen O'Brien for how the game took notes from Mirror's Edge.