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Reggae adventure game co-designed by Quest for Glory devs seeks funding

Bolt Riley, a "Reggae adventure" game from Oded Sharon and Quest for Glory creators Corey and Lori Cole, is seeking $120,000 via Kickstarter.

According to the game's page, Bolt Riley is the "story of the underdog who breaks out and becomes a worldwide sensation." Players take on the role of the titular character as he struggles to become a Reggae star. In addition to forming a band, players write, produce and play songs, as well as fend off a gang known as the Rude Boys. The point-and-click adventure game will feature puzzles, exploration and collectible items. You can watch the team's video pitch above.

Those interested in backing the project can donate in tiers ranging from $12 - $10,000. Rewards include copies of the game, access to the its forums, the soundtrack and more.

If funded, Bolt Riley will launch for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Stretch goals add port options for an Ouya, iOS, Android and more. Funding efforts end Nov. 25.

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