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Champions Online, Blacklight: Retribution, Forsaken World Halloween events outlined

Perfect World Entertainment is running a series of Halloween themed events for several of its games including Blacklight: Retribution, Forsaken World and Champions Online, the company revealed today.

Beginning Oct. 29 until Nov. 4, Forsaken World players have the opportunity to obtain new costumes and take part in an event which involves joining Captain Ironclasp in freedom harbor.

Blacklight: Retribution fans are invited to enter in the fanfiction competition before Oct. 29 for a chance to win "an exclusive Halloween Goodie Bag filled with themed permanent items."

From today until Nov. 4, the Halloween edition of Bloodmoon returns to Champions Online and once every two hours Takofanes will spawn in the game. Players can earn Halloween-themed items by trick or treating in Millennium City or get access to a lockbox featuring prizes such as dinosaur costumes.

For Perfect World International, from Oct. 30 until Nov. 5, all players will earn double XP, spirit and drops. The Auspicious Contest will also be randomly held throughout this time period. On Halloween day, a Quick as the Wind mission will start, allowing players the chance to earn a Sealed Wraith Essence.