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The nooks, crannies and stories of Destiny's moon

In the latest Bungie podcast, Destiny lead environment artist Sam Jones revealed that the moon in the upcoming first-person shooter is filled with story and hidden items.

Jones, who leads the team in charge of designing the moon, said that one goal was to convey an underlying story through the environment.

"In terms of story and fiction, every single asset we've created for the moon has always been with a purpose to work toward the main goal of servicing the story, so everything has a very heavy fictional bias," Jones said. "The environment always tells a story."

The way Destiny's story-filled assets are laid out on the moon also give players a reason to explore Earth's satellite, he said.

"Similarly, in terms of nooks and crannies, literally because of the tectonic cracking, we have lots of nooks and crannies everywhere. On the surface, especially, players will be able to find a lot of rewarding, secret areas. And in the interior, because it was basically a castle, a castle always has secret areas and many little places to find cool secret items. And we have an abundance of those."

The Bungie Podcast returned late last month from a long absence with art lead Tom Doyle discussing the "implied fiction" behind Destiny's weapons.