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Nvidia shield update brings PC streaming and more

An update released today for the Android-powered portable gaming console, Nvidia's Shield, brought a slew of new features to the device.

Nvidia previously announced that today's update would bring the ability to stream PC games to the device with GameStream, as well as Console Mode, which connects the device to a TV. A new feature called Gamepad Mapper allows players to map touchscreen controls like virtual joysticks to the device's built-in hardware. The update to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean also brings the ability to store and play games from a microSD card up to 32 GB.

Check out the video above (slightly NSFW) to see Nvidia's overview. The $299 device, which runs Nvidia's Tegra 4 chipset, shipped July 31. Check out Polygon's hands-on impressions from CES 2013 for more.

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