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EDF 2025's pre-order bonuses include gold-plated balloon weapons

Earth Defense Force 2025 will arrive on PlayStation 3 in February 2014 with a slew of weapon-focused pre-order bonuses that will also be available as downloadable content, product manager Kaori Takasue revealed today on the PlayStation Blog.

GameStop pre-order bonuses for the third-person shooter will include the Air Raider Weapons Pack, which bundles the Pure Decoy Launcher, a weapon that distracts enemies with a giant balloon, and the BMO3 Vegalta Gold, a gold-plated limited edition of the weapon that allows players to take flight for short periods of time when equipped. GameStop pre-orders will open tomorrow, Oct. 29.

Pre-order bonuses from other, unnamed retailers will include the Fencer Weapons Pack, which bundles the Ifrit, a cannon that launches rockets packed with multiple incendiary bombs and the Blood Storm, a cannon that rains down damage on a wide area. The Wing Diver Weapons Pack will include the Reflectron Laser, which fires in two directions, and the Gleipnir, which fires multiple energy balls. The Ranger Weapons Pack will include the Volatile Napalm, which sets a large area on fire, and the Pure Decoy Launcher from the Air Raider Weapons Pack above.

For more on the Japanese version of Earth Defense Force 2025, you can see it in action by watching an episode of Today I Played from earlier this year.

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