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Train Chop on Android today with GTA 5's iFruit app

iFruit, the Grand Theft Auto 5 smartphone and tablet companion app that ties directly into the game, was released on Google Play for Android devices today.

The free companion app, which was released for iOS alongside GTA 5 in September, contains a handful of mini-games that have an effect on the open world console game. In "Los Santos Customs," players can customize their cars, including license plates. In "Chop the Dog," players can take care of GTA 5's Rottweiler. By doing things like cleaning up after his messes, Chop's behavior in GTA 5 will change by becoming more responsive to Franklin and helping him find hidden treasures.

For more on the game that spawned the iFruit companion app, be sure to check out Polygon's Grand Theft Auto 5 review, which was recently updated to encompass the game's multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto Online.

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