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Reset gameplay trailer shows single-player co-op in an empty world

The first gameplay trailer for indie time-bending puzzle game Reset shows the title's moody atmosphere and its single-player co-op play.

Though "single-player co-op" sounds like an oxymoron, its underlying foundation is the ability of the player character's powered exosuit to make jumps through time. When the power of a single exosuit isn't enough to push an obstacle up a ramp, the player can jump through time to bring a second set of powered arms to bear.

The trailer also showcases the game's environments. The player, known only as "Zero-Two," carries out his or her tasks in the midst of a futuristic city that has suffered some sort of calamity; the streets are empty and giant screens on the sides of skyscrapers display garbled images and warnings.

The end of the trailer hints that perhaps short-period time jumping isn't the only time travel involved in Reset.

Last November, Reset's two-man dev team of writer/artist Alpo Oksaharju and designer/composer Mikko Kallinen told Polygon that they were hoping to make "something that was very atmospheric and smart but not complex. Something that had a good story and didn't rely on movie storytelling methods."

Kallinen and Oksaharju plan on launching a crowdfunding campaign for Reset shortly

The next level of puzzles.

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