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Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn’s world transfer service is live

Massively multiplayer online game Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn's world transfer service is now live, Square Enix announced via the game's website.

Like its name suggests, the service allows players to move characters from one world, or server, to another. Players can move multiple characters from a single world to another with one transfer, though spreading characters to several different worlds must be done separately. Each transfer costs $18.

The transfer does have restrictions in regards to legacy servers, or servers for characters from the game's original launch. Players can only transfer non-legacy or legacy world characters to a different legacy world. Legacy world characters cannot be moved to a non-legacy world. Additionally, players must change their character's name if it is taken in the new world, and in-game cash totaling more than one million per character or 100,000 per retainer will be lost.

Transfers will initially be free as a mea culpa to players affected by login and character creation restrictions that followed the game's relaunch. The offer is only valid for the next five days.

For details on how to apply for a transfer and restrictions, check out the full post.

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