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Here's what you need to know for Tuesday, Oct. 29

Call of Duty: Ghosts gets four-player co-op mode, Extinction

Just when you thought you had everything you needed in a Call of Duty multiplayer mode. Four players, countless hordes of aliens. Nov. 5. Be there.

Ouya searches for a niche in the shadow of the PS4 and Xbox One

Gamers may not be deliberating between an Xbox One or an Ouya this holiday season, but that's exactly what CEO Julie Uhrman wants. According to Uhrman, the Ouya is a "buy me too" console, one that is driven by the content it offers and not the platform itself.

Could Xbox One and PlayStation 4 actually fail?

Is there a possibility, maybe, that Microsoft and Sony's next-generation consoles will fall short of what's expected of them? Both companies are banking on moving 100 million units over the next 10 years. But with easier access to smartphones and tablets and rather high price tags for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, could these companies be aiming too high? Colin Campbell examines the factors behind both plausible successes and failures as we gear up towards next month's console launches.

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