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Foul Play now available on Mac and Linux

Foul Play, Mediatonic's side-scrolling co-op brawler, is now available on Linux and Mac via Steam, according to an announcement on Valve's distribution platform.

Those interested can pick up a copy for $14.99 or a pack for $24.99 containing two copies of the game. Foul Play features 22 acts, more than 50 different enemies and 12 stage-tricks to learn. A second player can join in on local and online co-op modes as sidekick character and professional chimney sweep, Scampwick.

For more on Foul Play, be sure to read our review where we say that the game "proves you don’t need a dark theme or brooding atmosphere to enjoy beating the snot out of bad guys." Foul Play originally launched on Windows PC and Xbox 360 on Sept. 18.