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Blackguards RPG coming to Steam early access on Nov. 7

Turn-based role-playing game Blackguards will be available to purchase on Nov. 7 via Steam Early Access, three months ahead of its official release, publisher Daedalic Entertainment announced today.

Users who buy the game early through Steam will be able to play ahead of launch and mail in feedback based on pre-release builds. Blackguards will be published chapter by chapter through Early Access, with the first of five chapters made available Nov. 7.

The game will be available to purchase at a lower price pre-launch. The Standard Early Access Edition including all chapters at their earliest and the full game post-release can be bought for $24.99 as one of the three payment options for the game. The Blackguards Early Access Deluxe Edition includes a 150 page artbook, developer interview videos and exclusive wallpapers for $34.99. Finally, the Blackguards Early Access Contributor Edition features the buyer's name in the game credits, the first Blackguards DLC and a copy of point and click adventure game Chains of Satinav for $49.99.

Blackguards will officially launch in late January 2014 for Windows PC and Mac.

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