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Molyneux recalls canned apocalyptic adventure Survivors

You're a parent, sitting at home with your family watching TV, when a newsflash alert warns of an impending asteroid impact that will create widespread destruction and havoc. What do you do?

That was the premise of a game from Peter Molyneux and his development team at Lionhead Studios, just before the company was acquired by Microsoft. Speaking to Edge about Survivors, Molyneux said that the concept centered on a desperate and physically unexceptional person trying to save the lives of loved ones.

"So you have 15 minutes to get ready and the world's burning and there's crumbling buildings and it's immediately after that destruction," he said. "Your parents live over here, the gun shop is over there, the food store's over there. What are you going to do? You're got to go and get your resources and you've got to decide what to do. If you don't go to your parents then they're gonna die. I found that a fascinating concept, we got to a prototyping stage."

Molyneux did not detail why the game was cancelled, only said that it was canned shortly after the Microsoft take-over in 2006. Back in 2009, images for some cancelled Lionhead games were leaked from a design agency, one of which, at the time, Molyneux said was based on "one pure thought."

"We had this incredibly cool climbing mechanic," he added. "One of the joys of the game was that you weren't like an expert you were just a housewife or just a guy. So you started the game quite fat and chubby. We morphed you to get thinner and fitter and lither. I don't know if there's any footage and I'm sure Microsoft wouldn't let us show any."

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