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Desktop Dungeons coming to Steam Nov. 7

QCF Design's roguelike dungeon crawler, Desktop Dungeons, will launch on Steam on Nov. 7, the studio announced. Those who pre-order the game will get 10 percent off, receive a Steam key for the game when it releases, and also gain access to the game's beta.

Desktop Dungeons features "bite-sized" adventures that players can complete in less than 10 minutes. The dungeons are randomly generated, which means the game is different every time you play, and each play-through is an opportunity to fight monsters, solve puzzles, take on quests and collect powerful items.

A free alpha version of the game can be downloaded here. The game will be priced at $15 when it launches, but those who pre-order can picked it up for $13.50. Pre-orders will gain immediate access to the game's beta, which is updated with new features every week.

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