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All Uncharted 3 multiplayer maps released for free

To celebrate the second anniversary of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception's release on PlayStation 3, developer Naughty Dog is releasing all of the game's multiplayer maps — including a brand new map, Dry Dock — for free.

Players can download the Flashback Map Pack 1, Flashback Map Pack 2 and Drake's Deception Map Pack from Uncharted 3's in-game store and enjoy Dry Docks in all competitive playlists and custom games, Naughty Dog wrote on its official blog.

The release hits alongside a new patch, bringing Uncharted 3 to version 1.18, that brings extensive balance changes, gameplay tweaks and map adjustments. A full list of changes, which Naughty Dog says rivals Uncharted 3's massive 1.13 patch is available at the developer's website.

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