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Dyad's trippy soundtrack now available at Bandcamp, on CD and vinyl

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The soundtrack to Dyad, ][ Games' downloadable, psychedelic musical racing game for PlayStation Network and Steam, is now available to download from Bandcamp and on physical formats, if purchasing CDs or vinyl LPs is more your speed.

The downloadable version of the Dyad soundtrack is available for $8. The 29-track album is available on CD for $11.98 and LP for $17.98 from Mexican Summer's online store. Composer David Kanaga has also made the "raw materials" from Dyad's OST available for download from his personal website, in the form of hundreds of WAV files, "if you'd like to rebuild the album or a variant yourself," Kanaga said.

The soundtrack can be streamed for free from Bandcamp.

Dyad is currently available for PlayStation 3 and Windows PC for $14.99.