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Starlight Inception arriving on PS Vita in December

Escape Hatch Entertainment's space combat game, Starlight Inception, will arrive on PlayStation Vita in December, the studio's president Garry M. Gaber announced on the PlayStation blog.

Inspired by old space sim games, the completed game will feature several multiplayer modes and more than 30 hours of single-player gameplay across 10 missions. The first mission was released as a beta today, also serving as an introduction to the game's ships, controls and enemies.

Set 100 years in the future, players are thrust into the role of a space fighter pilot assigned to the U.S.F. Midway (SCVN-41). Players will be free to roam the mothership between missions, such as the bunk area, the bridge and Pilot Ready Room where mission briefings are received.

"There's a deep story in Starlight Inception that plays out through the single-player campaign missions," Gaber wrote. "It revolves around World War IV. You're facing several factions of a larger organization which doesn't agree with a United Earth - they want a national, not a world government.

"We didn't want a black and white depiction of the enemies or the friendlies, and wanted to avoid the stereotypes that are usually present in these games," he continued. "We wanted to depict our characters as if they were part of a very real and functioning military in a future situation."

Starlight Inception will also include a hangar bay containing 30 variants of fighters, bombers and transports. The spacecraft can be customized with weapons and equipment before missions. According to Gaber, the fighters are based on present day fighters such as Lightning, Raptor and more.

The game will feature a second campaign called Fly Patrol. The 3D tower defense game involves players defending against waves of enemy fighters and capital ships coming through wormholes.

"What we wanted to do with this mode was to have a unique tower defense game that used the Starlight Inception ‘verse, while giving you something else to do besides completing missions," Gaber explained. "The tower defense mode is a great casual experience, and the different missions can be jumped into quickly."

Escape Hatch launched a Kickstarter campaign last April to fund the development of the title. The project successfully met its initial funding goal of $150,000, collecting $158,152 in pledges.

Starlight Inception entered Steam's Early Access Sept. 19, where it is currently available for $19.99. A "huge" update for the game is expected to roll out Nov. 1, according to its Steam page.

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