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Picross e3 available on the 3DS eShop today

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Logic puzzle game Picross e3 is now available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, according to a listing on Nintendo's website.

The game was originally slated to launch in North America and Europe in September. Players can purchase the title via the eShop for $5.99.

The game will be available later in Europe on Nov. 14, according to Nintendo Everything.

Picross games feature nonogram puzzles, which utilize a grid of blocks that must be either colored or left blank, depending on numbers listed alongside the grid. When completed, the grid will often reveal a picture.

Picross e3, the third 3DS Picross game following Picross e and Picross e2, includes 150 puzzles and a new Mega Picross mode that has grid numbers spanning two rows of blocks. Players will also be able to tweak the rules for each puzzle to suit their whims.