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Refresh yourself on Final Fantasy 13's story (if you can read Japanese)

A new video from Square Enix recaps the events of Final Fantasy 13 in advance of the upcoming Lightning Returns, the final installment in the trilogy.

Unfortunately, the dialogue and plot descriptions are all in Japanese, and Google Translate's attempt at translating the Japanese captions keeps referencing President Barack Obama. Still, the scenes will be familiar to anyone who played Final Fantasy 13: A group of misfits finds themselves turned into l'Cie, feared humans with magical powers who have been given a task and must fulfill it or else turn into a mindless monster.

The rag-tag band, hunted by the government and military of the world of Cocoon, must figure out if the task they've been given is to save Cocoon or destroy it; once they've figured out what they're supposed to do, what can they do about it?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 hits Japan on Nov. 21, and will launch in the West this next February.

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