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Rocksmith 2014 Edition changes its hues for Colorblind Mode

Like most music games, Rocksmith 2014 Edition uses a note highway with color-coded prompts for players. This provides a useful visual clue, unless you happen to be colorblind.

In a new video feature (below), Ubisoft community manager Michael Madavi talked about Rocksmith 2014 Edition's Colorblind Mode.

"Colorblindness is a common affliction that affects a significant amount of the population by limiting their ability to see certain color wavelengths," explained Madavi on UbiBlog. "While being colorblind might be a game-changer in any visual product, it's especially relevant to Rocksmith as we use a color-coded system to let you know what strings on the guitar you should play. Being colorblind will directly influence your ability to play the game, and that's exactly why we decided to address it."

Taylor Benson is one of the developers who worked in the update, and is himself among the estimated 10 percent of the population who are colorblind. "In the first Rocksmith it could get confusing when you had blue and purple or orange and green notes coming at the same time," said Benson. "So we've come up with the Colorblind Mode which presents a unique palette of colors.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition is a full update to the original guitar-teaching game, due for release later this month.

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