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Rockstar Games rolling out GTA Online console update tomorrow

Rockstar Games intends to rollout a GTA Online title update across Xbox 360 and PlayStation platforms tomorrow, according to an update on the company's support site.

"We're currently working on a title update for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to address commonly reported issues with GTA Online. We hope to have it out for download as soon as tomorrow," the update reads.

In an update issued yesterday, Rockstar resolved a problem where most PlayStation 3 users were denied access to GTA Online due to a server issue where the PlayStation Network was limiting the number of possible concurrent users. Yesterday, Rockstar tentatively disabled purchasing GTA$ cash packs to work through issues, although users currently able to play GTA Online can continue to earn GTA$ in the game.

Rockstar is currently working on a solution where PS3 and Xbox 360 users are experiencing problems getting through the first tutorial mission, as well as server instability affecting players who have progressed past the mission.

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