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The Wolf Among Us available for pre-order, out this month

The Wolf Among Us, Telltale Games' upcoming adventure game set in Vertigo Comics' Fables universe, is now available for pre-purchase from Telltale Games and Steam for $22.49 on Windows PC and Mac.

The cost will rise to $24.99 once the game releases later this month, according to the Steam listing. The price includes episodes 1 through 5 and those who pre-order through Telltalle will receive a collector's DVD at the end of the season, available for the cost of shipping.

For more about The Wolf Among Us, check out our hands-off impressions and chat with the game's lead writer, Pierre Shorette, where he discusses how players are playing with the power that protagonist Bigby Wolf has, rather than playing with the character. Telltale released the first trailer for The Wolf Among Us in August, setting the tone of Wolf's duty as the sheriff of Fabletown.

The Wolf Among Us is also expected to hit Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network later this year.

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