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Dark Matter taken off of while developers fix the ending

Troubled survival horror Dark Matter is no longer available on the official Good Old Games database at the request of publisher Iceberg Interactive, Joystiq reports.

This follows the initial decision to offer users who bought the title a refund or exchange through the gaming website after players complained the game was incomplete and ended abruptly.

"We were actually contacted by the publisher about this: They asked us to take it down while the developer renovated the ending," GOG's Head of PR and Marketing Department Trevor Longino told Joystiq. "We had already decided that offering our users their money back if they bought the game before we updated the description to reflect the game more accurately was enough for the moment -- although we were still investigating the matter and seeing if further steps were necessary -- but were happy enough to agree to the publisher's request when they asked us."

InterWave Studios CEO Erik Schreuder released a statement earlier in the month, stressing Dark Matter was an episodic title and further episodes would depend on the success of the previous instalment. A developer from the studio added that the current Dark Matter on Steam "is a complete game in itself," before apologizing that the end of the game caused confusion and said the studio is working on a fix to make it more conclusive.

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