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Watch combat sim Star Wars Squadrons running on Oculus Rift

The indie developers creating Star Wars Squadrons, the spiritual successor to 1994 space combat simulator Star Wars: TIE Fighter, have shared a new video demoing an early prototype for their title running on the Oculus Rift.

A playable version of the demo with Oculus Rift support is currently available for Squadrons' current testers "at the usual download page." Those interested in becoming testers can request to become one on the developer's forums or send a message through the game's Facebook page.

Star Wars Squadrons is an answer to the lack of recent Star Wars space combat games, according to the developer's Facebook page.

"There are a few open world space simulator on the market, but we don't want to mine astroids, stockpiling minerals and trade in a complex market economy," reads the page. "We want a space combat simulator which with a true X-Wing/Tie-Fighter feeling, that respects the Star Wars IP. We want the thrill of emptying our X-Wing or Y-Wing torpedo launchers at an imperial freighter convoy or roll around a Star Destroyer in our unshielded TIE fighter as waves of green laser strike our enemy ships."

Star Wars Squadrons is being developed with a single-player campaign mode in which players can side with the Empire, the Rebellion or pirates. The developer hopes to "gain an online community" for the title and add the ability for players to form their own squadrons in a multiplayer mode.

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