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Killzone: Shadow Fall retail box

Polygon picked up a retail copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall this week, and we discovered something as soon as we cracked open the PlayStation 4 game's case: Like some recent PlayStation 3 games, there's very little paper in the package.

As you might expect, the game sits on the right, and there's a voucher for a free seven-day PlayStation Plus trial on the left. The only other paper in the packaging is the game's cover, which serves dual purpose in the translucent blue case. Printed on the back is a photo of the controller on the left and Killzone: Shadow Fall's button map on the right. You can check it out out in the gallery below.

We've reached out to Sony to see if this is a pattern we'll soon come to recognize with all PS4 retail games and will update this story with more information as it becomes available.