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Dreamfall studio announces first person survival horror Draugen

Red Thread Games, the studio behind the Dreamfall games, announced its new project today, a first person survival horror title called Draugen.

Red Thread Games won a $144,000 grant from the Norwegian Film Institute to fund development on Draugen, which is in development for Windows PC, Mac, Linux and next-gen consoles.

Draugen is set "amongst the deep fjords and towering mountains" on the west coast of Norway, according to the game's official page. The "dark and disturbing" journey takes place in the early 1920s and is inspired by Scandinavian literature, fairytales and legends with a mix of Norse mythology and Icelandic sagas.

Players will be given a glimpse into the "pitch black heart of Norwegian national romanticism" as seen by an American botanist, photographer and entomologist. The story will task players with unraveling secrets of a remote fishing community that has been completely abandoned by its inhabitants.

The webpage notes that "draugen" is a Norwegian word used for an undead creature of Norse mythological origins, and that the original meaning of the word is "ghost."

"But unlike traditional ghosts the Draug has a corporeal body and physical abilities," the page says. "Draug reside in their watery graves, guarding the treasures and secrets that were buried with them. And they will protect those secrets at any cost."

Red Thread Games is also currently working on Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, the Kickstarter-funded sequel to Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, which is slated to launch in November 2014.

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