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League of Legends Halloween event kicks off with 'mystery gifts'

The Harrowing, League of Legends' annual Halloween event, is live now and includes skin re-releases and mystery gifting, developer Riot Games announced.

With mystery gifting, players can send presents to friends for 490 Riot Points, which can be earned or purchased with real-world currency. Each gift contains a random skin worth at least 520 RP for a champion in their possession. According to the post, every skin on sale in the store, including Legendary and Ultimate skins, will be eligible for the randomized gift.

Players will also be able to earn summoner icons and pick up new skins. Harrowing skins from previous years, such as Mundo Mundo, Haunted Maokai and Haunting Nocturne, will also be available.

You can read the full update on the League of Legends website.

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