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Backyard Monsters: Unleashed launches today

Kixeye's tower defense strategy game Backyard Monsters: Unleashed launched on iOS devices today, the studio announced today.

The game, which was originally released as a browser-based title, was re-designed specifically for mobile devices. "What we wanted to simplify was the user experience," executive producer Caryl Shaw told Polygon earlier this year. "What we didn't want to simplify with the gameplay."

According to Shaw, Backyard Monsters for browsers was a tactical tower defense game that required players to plan and strategize. Backyard Monsters: Unleashed for mobile does its best to retain that depth and complexity, but also tweaks the user experience so that the game is playable on touch-screens.

"We're not trying to dumb down our gameplay," she said. "We're absolutely trying to make the experience one that is fun, really accessible to people, and the things we've changed have mostly been with an eye toward making shorter gaming sessions."

In Backyard Monsters: Unleashed, players will be able to compete on leaderboards, form tribes with friends, play on the defensive by customizing their yard and towers and play on the offensive by unleashing their monsters on other people's yards.

The original Backyard Monsters can be played on Facebook. Polygon's hands-on preview with Backyard Monsters: Unleashed can be read here.

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