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Telltale Games working on a 'dream IP,' says studio founders

The Walking Dead developer Telltale Games is currently working on a new unnamed game that studio co-founders Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner describe as a "dream IP."

Speaking on Reddit, Bruner and Connors teased the possibility of a new game based in the Star Wars universe.

"A Telltale Star Wars game would make me VERY happy!" wrote Bruner. "We've got some IP coming up that pretty much checks all of my personal favourites, which absolutely amazes/honours me."

"Coming from LucasArts we have so many people here that love Star Wars and have worked with the license so that would be a great fit and very cool," added Connors. "In addition we will be working on a few licenses that definitely fall into our dream IP scenario and we can't wait to announce those."

Telltale Games previously created games for titles including Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, CSI, Wallace & Gromit, Sam and Max and more recently Fables. We've contacted the developer for more information on its upcoming IP.

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