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StarCraft 2 players will soon be able to test Heart of the Swarm 2.1

The version 2.1 patch for StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is on its way, and developer Blizzard Entertainment wants players to provide feedback on it through the game's Public Test Realm, the studio announced yesterday.

According to Blizzard, update 2.1 will be available for players to try out "soon after BlizzCon," which takes place next weekend. In order to participate in the test, users will need a StarCraft 2 account and the desktop app.

The studio hasn't yet provided details on what the patch will contain, but said, "Whether you're a mapmaker, an eSports enthusiast, an Arcade hero or just love playing StarCraft 2, Patch 2.1 will have something that's right up your alley."

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