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Indie Royale bundles eight spooky games for Halloween

Indie Royale's Halloween 2 bundle is live now with eight indie games corralled to fit an All Hallow's Eve theme.

Games in the bundle include Alien Zombie Megadeath, Dark Fall: Lost Souls, Dead Hungry Diner, exCeed 2nd - Vampire REX, Nightmare from the Deep: The Curse Heart, Organ Trail: The Director's Cut, Overcast: Walden and the Werewolf and Rise of the Ravager. You can check each out in the Halloween 2 bundle trailer above.

As with each Indie Royale sale, the price goes up with each order. As of this writing, you can purchase the PC games, many of which come with Steam keys, for $5.18. If you choose to pay $7, you'll also score the 11-track album Marsupial Madness by Adhesive Wombat. Paying $10 will drop the price by $0.04 for everyone, and organizers suggest donating $25 for the Halloween 2 bundle.

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