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What would you like to ask EA's new head honcho?

Last month, Electronic Arts surprised just about everyone by naming as their new chief executive not Peter Moore, Frank Gibeau or any number of outsiders, but EA Sports and Origin head Andrew Wilson.

Wilson succeeded Larry Probst, who was standing in following John Riccitiello's resignation in March and takes charge of the mammoth publisher at a pivotal moment both for the company and the game industry.

The looming launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and a bumpy year for EA leaves plenty of questions for Wilson to answer. And now's your chance to ask them.

We'll be interviewing Wilson at our New York City offices this week on camera, asking him the best of the questions you drop in our comments. We'll need your most insightful questions by tomorrow morning, so give it a bit of thought and then create a comment.

I'll be conducting the interview with your words and obvious follow up questions.

Good luck and thanks for the help!

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