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The Legend of Zelda and Pikmin cartoons coming to 3DS

A new collection of short cartoons — including one based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and another based on Pikmin 3 —  will launch on Nintendo Video starting Nov. 1, it was announced today.

Nintendo Video is an app for the Nintendo 3DS that allows its users to download music videos, exclusive comedy, animation and other short cartoons to the handheld console. As of Nov. 1, the app will restock with five new short-form videos that will continue through to 2014.

Those who have downloaded the app will automatically receive the following new shows on their device:

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Adventures of Link — an original series of comedic shorts staring Link. The shorts are based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD game for the Wii U
  • Pikmin Nature Documentaries — a series of "nature documentaries" that explore the world of the Pikmin
  • Bravest Warriors— a new show form the creator of Adventure Time about four teenage heroes-for-hire
  • Wildheart Riukiu — a 3D series from the creator of Meat or Die
  • Bee and PuppyCat — a two-part series by Natasha Allegri that follows Bee, an out-of-work 20-something who has a life-changing collision with a mysterious creature

The Pikmin cartoon series is being overseen by Nintendo's senior managing director Shigeru Miyamoto, who helped create the series back in 2001. "We really just want to take advantage of the Pikmin characters," Miyamoto told Polygon earlier this year. "We have started selling Shaun the Sheep videos, so we're continuing to look at ways to expand the eShop offerings. Nintendo 3DS is great for viewing 3D video content so we wanted to look at ways to expand that offering." Polygon's full interview with Miyamoto can be read here.

Nintendo Video first launched in July 2011. The app is free to download from the Nintendo eShop.

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