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'Mario Opera' creator trying to make 'Song A Day' tunes a career

Jonathan Mann, the musician behind the "Song A Day" series on YouTube, is attempting to turn the personal project into a career with the help of a new initiative from American Express.

The credit card company is "supporting a new generation of makers, creators and mold-breakers" through its #PassionProject program, and the beneficiaries include Mann, who wrote a song every day for more than 1,600 days. Mann is also the creator of The Mario Opera, a stripped-down version of which he performed in New York this past August.

"I need to find a way to make Song A Day more consistent for me financially, basically," said Mann in a video from American Express. As one of the people being supported with #PassionProject, Mann is being flown out to Los Angeles, where he will work with YouTube Next Labs to further his Song A Day project.

"Hopefully, I'll be able to turn the Song A Day project into my full-time gig," added Mann. A self-proclaimed Nintendo fanboy, Mann wrote a song for Polygon in which he wondered aloud, "Is Nintendo doomed?"

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