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Check out SpyParty’s new artwork in motion

SpyParty developer Chris Hecker added new artwork to the game's open beta, which you can see in action in a trailer he released today on the game's official YouTube channel.

Check out the trailer above to see SpyParty's gameplay and mannerisms through the lens of its newfound fidelity. The action takes place in an experimental level called "Modern," which is where it will live as the developer incorporates it into the wider game.

"I don't want to spend much time on the gameplay for the new art until we have a critical mass of characters to make it a real competition-worthy level," Hecker wrote on the game's official site, "but I did realize people would want to play on the new map with the new art because it's shiny, so I made a few gameplay modifications and spent a bit of effort getting it working as a game. First, I added the option to only enable a single mission on the map, so you can do ‘Known 1' or ‘Any 1 of 3' game types. Since there are only five characters, it turns this map into a bit of a Balcony-lite, which is fun. Second, based on playtesting it on stream the other night, I made the Ambassador unknown to the Sniper. So, combining these, you can do ‘Known 1 Bug Ambassador', where the Spy tries to get away with bugging when the Sniper knows he or she is going to do it, but the Sniper doesn't know which character is the Ambassador!"

For more on SpyParty and its new look, be sure to read our report and interview with Hecker. You can join the beta by signing up at the official SpyParty website.

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