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Monster Hunter video discusses the fight against a giant sand whale

A new video from Capcom discusses the battle against the Jhen Mohran, a beast in Monster Hunter Tri and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

The Jhen Mohran is fought from the deck of a sand ship sailing a desert; it was designed to evoke whale hunts in the age of sail. Players must time attacks carefully to impale it upon a giant spear when it rushes the ship from the side, and run up on its back to attack its weak points before driving it into a final confrontation. The variant on the monster, the Hallowed Jhen Mohran gains a powerful sand-breath attack in this showdown, though the players in the video killed it before it could demonstrate that particular move.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate hit Wii U this past March. In our review, we found it an imaginative title that was rewarding if one fought through the occasional tedium and monotony of its gameplay.

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