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Battlefield 4: Showdown Live Europe vs. USA taking place Nov. 1

Two teams of 32 players will face off in London, UK, for Battlefield 4: Showdown Live Europe vs. USA, Electronic Arts recently announced.

Players will compete under the direction of Xbox Live's Major Nelson and AceyBongos in the upcoming game's Second Assault expansion — one of five packs included with the Battlefield 4 Premium membership. The pack, which includes four Battlefield 3 re-imagined maps, will be available first for Xbox One when the game launches. Showdown Live Europe vs. USA kicks off Nov. 1 at 1 p.m. ET and will be streamed via Xbox Live.

Battlefield 4's "Siege of Shanghai" map is currently available in open beta. Yesterday, EA DICE released a video showcasing the beta's abilities on Xbox 360. Battlefield 4 launches for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC Oct. 29. The game will also be available for PlayStation 3 Nov. 12 and Xbox One Nov. 19.