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Pokemon cocktails offer adult fun with a twist

Tumblr user and Pokemon fan meowpurrnom created nine frozen cocktails of the "Eeveelution" variety.

The cocktail menu includes an alcoholic spin on every known evolution of Eevee, including the newest addition, Sylveon. Although specific measurements for each drink aren't given, the mix for each is as follows:

  • Eevee: cake vodka, Kahlua, Bailey's, chocolate eclair ice cream bar, chocolate syrup
  • Vaporeon: rum, Malibu, blue curacao, pineapple juice, Sprite
  • Jolteon: tequila, Red Bull, margarita mix, lemon juice, Sprite, salt on the rim
  • Flareon: fireball whiskey, peach Schnapps, iced tea, lemonade, dash of strawberry syrup (for color)
  • Espeon: strawberry vodka, Hpnotiq Harmonie, Chambord, cranberry juice, Sprite
  • Umbreon: bourbon, Coke, lemon juice, orange juice
  • Glaceon: rum, Blue Curacao, peppermint schnapps, lemonade, soda water, sugar on the rim
  • Leafeon: tequila, peach Schnapps, lime juice, ginger ale, mint, honey and a drop of chocolate syrup for decoration
  • Sylveon: cake vodka, strawberry vodka, Bailey's, strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, cream, strawberry syrup

The latest entries in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon X and Y, launch for Nintendo 3DS Oct. 12. For more on the game, check out our review.