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Google Glass app dev creates Grand Theft Auto 3 GPS map

Emerging Technology Lead and Google Glass app developer Mike DiGiovanni created a real-time GPS app Grand Theft Auto 3 players can use to navigate.

The app recreates the in-game map, which typically sits in a bottom corner, using the Google Glass screen. Speaking with Examiner, DiGiovanni said he created the app due to annoyance about "how far out of your normal line of sight" the map typically is in Grand Theft Auto.

"On a 47-inch TV it's merely inconvenient, but on a projector you feel like you are playing the mini map as opposed to the game," DiGiovanni told the publication. "GTA 4 benefited from having the high end cars give you voice based turn by turn directions. GTA 5 lost that and GTA 3 never had it. This puts the GPS in a much better location, but I think I'd probably be just as happy having the in game GPS in the upper right corner even without Glass."

DiGiovanni has plans to adapt the app to Grand Theft Auto 5 and possibly Grand Theft Auto 4. Google Glass is expected to be released to the public in 2014.

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