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GTA Online connection issues resolved, lost items still being investigated

Connection issues for Grand Theft Auto 5's persistent online world, Grand Theft Auto Online, have been resolved, developer Rockstar announced last night via its support page.

GTA Online launched Oct. 1 to server troubles and numerous bugs. Players reported problems logging into servers, slow loading of Social Club features and becoming stuck when trying to transition to lobbies and races, among other problems. Though the game's connection problems are no longer one of the developer's main concerns, Rockstar is still working on several bugs.

"Please note that we are still looking into reports about missing characters, rank, items, apartments and/or in-game money," the update reads.

Earlier this week, Rockstar disabled the game's microtransactions and launched title updates for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. The latest patch was intended to help correct login and gameplay issues.