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Titanfall devs wanted to 'stretch the limits' of FPS multiplayer games

When crafting its mech-centric first-person shooter, Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment wanted to "stretch the limits of what an FPS multiplayer game can be," producer Drew McCoy said during a video shown at the EB Games Expo in Australia.

The video was part of a longer presentation by community manager Abbie Heppe. In addition to gameplay and background on the game, attendees were also treated to a special video interview with several staff members. McCoy said Respawn's goal was to craft a game that was fun and unique.

"There are so many games now that are just retreading old ground," McCoy said.

"We've got characters, we've got a story. You have moments, things that people traditionally expect from single-player games. We're putting that all into a multiplayer game, and it's awesome."

Watch the video above for the full presentation. For more on Titanfall, check out our hands-on impressions from Gamescom 2013 and our in-depth preview from E3 2013.

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