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GoldenEye director unveiling experimental matchmaking game Aim for Love at GameCity

Veteran game designer Martin Hollis, best known for his work as game director on N64 classic GoldenEye 007, is now turning to couples matchmaking in a new multiplayer game that attempts to set up real-life couples.

Aim for Love will be playable as part of this year's GameCity festival in Nottingham, England beginning Oct. 19 to Oct. 26. The experimental title tasks players to choose attendees from the crowd and find their ideal match. Two enormous screens placed in the public plaza will be central to the matchmaking system, with the chosen individuals selected and show on-screen. Matches can be either platonic or romantic and will work together to pick the next potential couple.

"A massive challenge in the design of this thing is forecasting people's behavior," Hollis told Gamasutra. "You'll see, if you take the role of being a matchmaker seriously, how the two people react to each other, and how the crowd reacts ... the whole game is an experiment."

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