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Path of Exile launches Oct. 23 with Scion prestige class

After months in open beta and numerous patches, action RPG Path of Exile will launch Oct. 23, studio Grinding Gear Games announced.

With its full release comes the game's new Scion prestige class, described as the daughter of a nobleman who is exiled for killing her husband. This class will only be unlockable after a full playthrough of the game. This is due to the experience needed to fully master her, lead designer Chris Wilson told ShackNews.

"She's actually more complicated to play than a normal character," said Wilson, "so we don't want beginner players to immediately choose her."

Additionally, Path of Exile will launch with six new Trigger Gems and three new Skill Gems, some of which are capable of bringing inanimate objects to life. Following the game's full release, Wilson ensures further content will be released including story-related updates.

The free-to-play game is currently available in open beta and has been integrated with Twitch streaming.

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