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Myst co-creator developing new project on Kickstarter with Cyan Worlds

Myst co-creator Rand Miller is currently working along developer Cyan Worlds on a "larger project" that will take advantage of the opportunities made available through Kickstarter, he announced during this year's Indiecade attended by PC World.

In the lead up to a larger announcement, an alternate reality game is running on the official Cyan Worlds forums which is expected to offer more information on the project.

"We've got some bigger ideas, some of them we've had for a while that we'd love to do and publishers were kind of like, ‘Yeah we want something new and different,' and we'd show them and they'd go, ‘...Yeah, not that," said Miller.

"Kickstarter to me is an awesome opportunity, and so yeah, we're putting together something for a larger project in the future."

You can check out this thread for information on Cyan's ARG which you can take part in.

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