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Second SOMA video teases connection between humans and robots

Frictional Games released a second teaser trailer this morning for its upcoming sci-fi project SOMA, "Mockingbird," in which a young engineer prods a dismantled robot for answers.

She's able to get a name and function out of him — he uses a male voice — before things start to go south. After some threats and strongly-worded language, another engineer decides to try and talk to the robot, only to make a chilling discovery about its possible origin.

Informational text surrounding the recovery of the robot and the engineers' plans for it can be found on the SOMA teaser website.

Swedish developer Frictional Games is best known for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. SOMA appears to be a science fiction game with a heavy emphasis on technology — some really spooky technology. The first teaser trailer, "Vivarium," was released last week.

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