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Survive a freezing night in The Long Dark's first gameplay footage

A new video shows Hinterland Studio's survival simulation The Long Dark in action.

The Long Dark casts the player as brush pilot William Mackenzie, whose plane crashed in remote wilderness following a magnetic anomaly. The player must help Mackenzie survive, balancing needs like heat, food and water against the threat of wild animals.

As the video footage shows, the player has a reserve of calories that is constantly being depleted; more strenuous activities like running consume more calories than standing still or walking. The game monitors the player's status, and Mackenzie uses verbal cues to announce changes, alerting the player that it might be time to try and find shelter or a snack.

In the video, the player takes shelter in a ruined barn, lighting a fire for heat and to keep a lone pursuing wolf at bay. However, the fire won't last and the wolf will soon be back.

Hinterland Studio is currently seeking funding for The Long Dark via Kickstarter, and at time of writing is at $117,769 of its $200,000 goal with eight days remaining.

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