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Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Scout is designed for deadly stealth

Killzone: Shadow Fall's Scout class is designed for players who prefer a little sneaking in their multiplayer kill streaks, according to a post on the game's official website.

Scouts are effective at both short and long ranges, Killzone community editor Victor Zuylen wrote, aided by the Cloak ability that makes them difficult to spot at either range. Scouts will also be able to choose among three secondary abilities: Tactical Echo, which allows them and their allies to see nearby enemies temporarily, Emergency Teleport, which allows them to teleport to a random part of the map, and Stun Drone, which equips them with a flying drone that locates, attacks, stuns and blinds enemies.

"While Scout players are certainly capable of operating as lone wolves, truly effective Scouts will know when to use their abilities for the benefit of the team," Zuylen wrote. "The Tactical Echo ability in particular gives a tremendous advantage in combat, especially in situations where the opposing team is firmly entrenched or has several Scout players of its own."

Developer Guerrilla Games revealed the combat-focused Assault class week, which you can learn all about from Polygon's coverage. The PlayStation 4 exclusive shooter is set to launch aside Sony's next-gen console Nov. 15.

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