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Lost Planet 'almost reinvents itself' in every entry

The Lost Planet series retains a consistent personality while still managing to "almost re-invent itself," producer Andrew Szymanski told Kotaku.

Lost Planet 3, the most recent entry in the franchise, launched in late August. It was a prequel of sorts, taking place before the events of the first Lost Planet. Speaking with Kotaku on how a new game could improve on the last, Szymanski explained that the team would first seek balance "while still injecting fresh new ideas."

"One of the lessons that we learned in hindsight is that we don't need to reinvent the wheel each time," Szymanski said. "Leveraging more of the past gameplay conceits and over-the-top ‘Capcom-style' elements could have served us well by making sure that previous games inform not only the world and its components, but also the fine details of the gameplay and structure."

Szymanski also talks about the influences that went into the game, which he calls a "required viewing list." The roster includes titles such as Deadwood, Firefly and Alien to get into the "'stranger in a strange land' format."

Check out the full interview over at Kotaku. For more on Lost Planet 3, read our review.

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