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State of Decay: Breakdown coming by the end of October 'assuming no catastrophes'

State of Decay, Undead Labs' open-world zombie survival title, will receive its first expansion pack Breakdown by the end of the month "assuming no catastrophes," according to an update by studio founder Jeff Strain.

According to Strain, Breakdown has been submitted to Microsoft for pre-certification testing by two QA teams of "hard-working, passionate badasses." Undead Labs expects to submit the DLC formally for certification testing at the end of next week, pending bug fixes found during pre-cert testing.

"Through next week the QA teams will be playing Breakdown, logging any issues they find, and sending feedback to the development team," Strain wrote. "We'll spend our (probably quite long) days reviewing, prioritizing, and squashing bugs, and incorporating the design feedback from the QA teams, members of our publishing team at Microsoft, and of course our own developers here at the Lab."

"Assuming no catastrophes" and that no "huge game-screwing design flaw" is found during the certification process, the studio plans on releasing the expansion by the end of October.

The permadeath-featuring Breakdown is removed from the game's story mode and tests how long a player can survive a zombie apocalypse. The DLC will not have respawning supplies and requires players to move on to a new location as their stores run out and the area's resources are stripped. Each new area is increasingly difficult, featuring larger zombie populations and more challenging scenarios.

In a recent announcement by Sanya Weathers, community manager for Undead Labs, State of Decay surpassed one million copies sold milestone last month. The figure combines Steam Early Access and Xbox Live Arcade sales.

For more on the game, check out Polygon's State of Decay review.

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